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#45 Build on mingw 64bit vista

Matěj Týč

I tried to build the svn trunk (16668) of openil, but I got compile errors. I assume this is because I use old build tools, but good configure.ac scripts fail to create a configure file or at least fail during configure if dependencies are not met. So, I believe this qualifies as a bug. It should not try to build anything if it can know beforehand it won't work. Now, that's more of a theoretical issue, but in practice I want to know what the exact dependencies are to build openil (including build tools/maybe specific operating system version (e.g. is Windows 7 supported) and so on). I am only interested in the pnm support for now.


  • Matěj Týč
    Matěj Týč

    Hello, thank you for trying.
    Could you please supply your config.log and also try the devil_modular branch?

  • Matěj Týč
    Matěj Týč

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