#36 DevIL 1.6.8 RC1 access violation in ilSaveDds


Tohlsen and I have been struggling with the problem
described below for some time, which we are still
unable reconcile. We would prefer to use DevIL as an
image library in a product on which we are currently
completing development, but are stuck on an inferior
solution in the presence of this problem (which
causes the application to crash intermittently).

Would it be possible to get some assistance with this
issue? If you are quite busy and may have difficulty
finding time to assist, would it be possible to refer
us to an individual whom we may contract (or donate
to DevIL) to help handle this issue?

Content from our posting on the help forum:

By: Tyler - tohlsen
DevIL 1.6.8 RC1 access violation in ilSaveDds
2006-05-25 20:23
I was only able to get a stack trace once and the
access violation was in GetBlock() in il_dds-save.c.

We are having this problem on many PC's and very
intermitantly. If I had to guess I would say it
happens one in every 2500 images.

I know the original jpg image was not corrupt because
when it has happened, I captured the jpg file it was
converting from and tried converting it again with
DevIL and it converted fine.

Our application generates jpg's and we are converting
them on-the-fly to DDS using DevIL. We do this many
times over very fast in up to 9 threads at a time. We
have a critical section around the entire convert
function so this isnt a threading issue. I confirmed
that by setting the number of threads to 1 and
eventually I was still able to recreate the problem.

Any help would be appreciated!


By: Nobody/Anonymous - nobody
RE: DevIL 1.6.8 RC1 access violation in ilSav
2006-05-26 00:46
There was some dds-save checkin last week and I have
another fix in my local repo. I'll check it in in the
next few days (I'm currently having CVS problems) and
notify you when I'm done, so you can give the cvs
version a try. Or you wait for RC2, which shouldn't
be too far off.

By: Tyler - tohlsen
RE: DevIL 1.6.8 RC1 access violation in ilSav
2006-05-26 11:22
That's great news! I look forward to trying out your
changes. Like you said, I would appreciate it if you
would notify my when you're done with this check in.

Thanks much for the quick response.

By: Tyler - tohlsen
RE: DevIL 1.6.8 RC1 access violation in ilSav
2006-06-02 16:49
Did you change any code in or around GetBlock()? Any
luck on your CVS problems? =)

Best Regards,



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