When will the next release of DevIL be?

  • I'm developing on windows and need UNICODE support, however this is not properly implemented in DevIL 1.6.8 rc2 (functions like ilLoadImage always return could not load image error). Therefore I was wondering when a new release for DevIL will be to fix these problems - basically I need to know whether I can wait a little bit for these problems to be fixed or look at another imaging library (although I do like DevIL for its OpenGL like syntax and structure).

    • Nicolas Weber
      Nicolas Weber

      I fear the answer is "don't hold your breath". If yo don't fix it yourself, DevIL won't support this soon :-(

    • Denton Woods
      Denton Woods

      It's a little late and a few releases later, but I thought I would point out that Unicode support works fine now.