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Openia CRM - Documents

Openia s.r.l.
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Openia CRM - Documents

In the Documents tab you will be able to catalog and trace all your business documents, relate them to other documents and business partners, and attach them to Openbravo so all the Openbravo Users can handle and manage them.

Starting from the screenshot below we will list the various fields in this tab.


Documents - fields:

  • Document Name
  • Publish Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Document Type: 4 different doc types to select from which are Mail Merge, EULA, NDA, License Agreement
  • Related Document: you can eventually relate another document to the one you are creating by selecting from all the existing documents in your Openbravo Openia CRM platform
  • Revision: you can handle the document version by inserting the number of its revision
  • Category: 3 category types to select from, Marketing, Knowledge Base and Sales
  • Status : it could be Active, Draft, FAQ, Expired, Under Review, Pending
  • Business Partner
  • Description

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