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OpenI 1.2 released: SQL2005, R, autogeneration and more

= Release notes for the OpenI 1.2 =
OpenI 1.2 has reached the Release milestone, and is now available for download. This release of OpenI greatly improves your business intelligence options. OpenI now integrates with:
* Sql Analysis Services 2005, Sql2000sp4, (continued sql2000sp3 support)
* R Server integration through RServe api
* Jasper RDBMS reporting.
* Dashboard Views - analyze your olap data side by side, for any number of analyses with the new dashboard feature
* Dashboard management - creating, modifying, and deleting dashboard definitions are simple, and can be done online
* Autogenerate - get an instant overview of your cubes by autogenerating reports for each dimension, then view them side by side with an autogenerated dashboard
* continued integration with Mondrian.

= New Features =
* [[Sql_2005_Integration]]
* Sql2000 sp4 compatibility
* [[Folder_Management_UI]]
* [[Enhanced_Chart_Support]] - time series
* [[Configurable_Admin_Menu]]
* [[RDBMS_Reporting]]
* [[Dashboard]]
* [[R_Integration]]
* [[Project_Download_Zip]] - Application admins can download the project contents as a zip file.
* [[Autogenerator]]

Posted by paul lucas 2006-04-14