David Ragazzi

Welcome to openHTM!

openHTM is an open-source implementation of the HTM Cortical Learning Algorithms basead on the brain theory proposed by Jeff Hawkins in his book On Intelligence.

Hierarchical temporal memory (HTM) is a machine learning model developed by Jeff Hawkins and Dileep George of Numenta, Inc. that models some of the structural and algorithmic properties of the neocortex. HTM is a biomimetic model based on the memory-prediction theory of brain function described by Jeff Hawkins in his book On Intelligence. HTM is a method for discovering and inferring the high-level causes of observed input patterns and sequences, thus building an increasingly complex model of the world.

openHTM is colaborattive effort that arose with wish of a few expert HTM fans of implement and improve the current state of the HTM algoritms discussed on the Numenta white papers.

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It's worth recall that more than a software project, openHTM is a community composed by fans and professionals of neuroscience, cognition and AI.