Change network interface to listen

  • How can I change the ethernet device to listen using simpleOpal?....

    I need some help because simpleOpal is listen in the lo loopback device so that the gatekeeper search (even disabled with -n)  is looking in the loopback (I saw this using wireshark), and I dont know how to change this...


    • Marcos F. J.
      Marcos F. J.

      Hy CarlosH

        In not working yet with opal, but in openH323 the binding functions right with/out the gatekeeper option.
        In simpleH323 they create a connection class with the IP you provide, and I do not have problens to bind on localhost nor other IP's (net local and real).

        Something of interest, i sometimes have colisions with the SJPhone (we use IP phones on work, [le$$]) because the use of same ports; somethimes Firefox [oO] fights for the ports too! (expecially with JNDI port)