I have tested OpenMCU 1.1.9 with NetMeeting and GnomeMeeting as well as with Polycom and Vcon hardware and software videoconferencing terminals and have found out that OpenMCU doesn’t work with commercial terminals. OpenMCU printed that it receives and transmits audio and video streams, while I could only hear sound and see some static garbage on the screen of Polycom device. At the same time it worked well with NetMeeting and GnomeMeeting.

Our company (situated in Russia) needs an MCU that is compatible with commercial hardware such as Polycom or Vcon and its source code is available. I hope that many compatibility problems will be solved after reintroducing video support to the recent version of OpenMCU that compiles with the latest pwlib and openh323 libraries. I think I’m able to persuade our bosses to make a donation that will encourage OpenMCU development.

If there are any developers who can make OpenMCU compatible with commercial H.323 videoconferencing terminals, please e-mail me at sire@mail.ru.