Compile PWlib and OpenH323 ?

  • Dear everyone

    I am new to this field and also not advanced in C++ so my question seem very stupid please help me.

    I have downloaded pwlib and openh323 sources from, i also read very careful the instructions both in ReadMe.txt and but i still can not compile them seccuss. The compiler return > 102 errors in object.h header file.

    I compile them on Windows 2000 OS and MSVC 6.0

    Thank you all in advance.


    • Anonymous

      use same os and compiler, first  I can't open project, relate source filename is ptlib-v1_6_3-src.tar.gz, finally I found most of relate vc project file (.dsw and .dsp) has convert to unix style CR enter, not a dos style, msdev can't reconganize it, use ultraedit modify it, then another question, relate help file say set include path and lib path

      not exist set include path


      not exist set lib path


      how could you set it?

      then the other error, a path not exist, use "file find", find it exist another path(I can't remember detail), modify source(header file or cxx source file?), then appear follow error:

      c:\PWLIB\INCLUDE\ptlib/object.h(605) : error C2146: syntax
      error : missing ';' before identifier 'CanTrace'

      find relate information just get "you set incorrect include or lib path", that can't help me, :(

    • Jally Jiang
      Jally Jiang

      Can you send your source code packages to me?
      I can find the way how to compile the package. Maybe the instruction is for the newer versions.
      My email address is: