problem tk103 - ##imei:xxxxxxxx,A

  • guhweb

    hello guys.

    I'm having trouble with my TK103. In the instruction manual that comes with it says TK103 model b. I believe that is not the xexun. Ja researched a lot here on the forum and seen enough articles about people who have the same problem, except that none of them found the solution …

    Ja vi mode to change the socket, replace the cersão system, use the traccar to receive data over any of them worked for me … follows some lines. log and see that I always get:

      # # imei: 3534xxxxxx, A

    I am using the following command to start the server: bin / tk10x-s-port 9000-i

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem? add me on skype: gustavo.datag / / msn guh.web @

    I'm awaiting.

  • joseluisgudino

    I think this equipment is necessary to send the LOAD command to start sending and when the gps send the 012023xxxxxxxxxxxx, you must send the ON command to continue the communication:

    I added these lines of programming


                           if (pktBytes.length == 25) {
        Print.logInfo("ENVIANDO LOAD");
        return (new byte { (byte)'L', (byte)'O', (byte)'A' , (byte)'D'  });
    if (pktBytes.length == 15) {
        Print.logInfo("ENVIANDO ON");
        return (new byte { (byte)'O', (byte)'N'});

                Print.logInfo("Receive: " + StringTools.toStringValue(pktBytes,'.')); // debug message
                String s = StringTools.toStringValue(pktBytes).trim();

  • guhweb

    I found the solution. Simple and basic … Actually not need any code in mecher ….

    I had set my GPS thru the SMS … but after testing I sent several adminip123456 IP DOOR to test on multiple ports …
    Just after you send the adminip123456 IP DOOR you have to send the command:

    fix030s*** 123456

    Used to send the coordinates every 30 seconds infinitely …

    Who has the same problem add me on skype or msn that I help resolve.

  • Sandeep

    Hello guhweb,

    Its a basic command to set the interval to send data to server.

    At now you have enabled the GPRS123456 & fix030s*** 123456 ….

    Now if u set SMS123456 then all the co-ordinate will be received on your mobile….

    and after that again set the GPRS123456 to enable the GPRS mode to send data to server.

    Thank you

  • guhweb

    Summarizing. settings must be:

    admin123456 YOURPHONE
    adminip123456 31xxx
    apn123456 YOUAPN
    up123456 USERAPN PASSAPN
    n 123 456 fix030s ***

    123,456 being the password for your GPS
    Your IP
    31xxx your door


  • Anonymous

    my door alarm, move and over speed alarms do not work in terms of getting the sms back. I can locate and shut down but nothing else.

    Can some one help

  • try GPRS123456,1,0 this command on Coban devices, disable ACK param, and no ON is necessary to be send back by the server

  • David Heath
    David Heath

    I can't get the tk103 to verify or go into fortify mode. My door alarm doesn't work and I send the sms to turn on gprs, it replies gprs ok but when I check state it show off. Is there something I'm missing in the set up. I also can't get any reply for exact address. Everything else seems to work.