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Parsing(TK102): Invalid number of fields

  • Marius Gologan
    Marius Gologan

    Hi guys,

    I really need your help!

    Is my second installation attempt of OpenGTS 2.3.6 and I can't make it work (first on debian, now on centos). I must say that I have no experience in this matter, nor in java.

    I always end up with this logs:

    # tail -n0 -f /opt/OpenGTS/logs/tk10x.log
    Remote client port: /
    Begin TCP communication: 213.233.103.xx
    Receive: ##,imei:863070011989xxx,A
    TK103 Header: ##,imei:863070011989xxx,A
    Receive: 863070011989xxx
    Parsing(TK102): 863070011989xxx
    <b>Invalid number of fields</b>
    <b>Read timeout </b>
    <b>End of session ..</b>

    The device is from China, tk103. I did all the steps in the manual.

    Can anyone tell me what should I check or do?

    Thank you.

    Marius Gologan.