weird menu syntax

  • Zoltan Nagy
    Zoltan Nagy

    Hi All!

    I have a strange syntax error in my main menu. I'm using the server with Hungarian language.
    I'm using also the local selection too. When I select any of the other language, I always get the same error:
    The "Group" word is still in hungarian "Csoport"

    I have a picture about it:

    I'm using the original language files. I changed only the main conf files (private, system, config, common).
    I'm using the latest version of the OpenGTS (ver.2.4.5).

    How can I change that? I searched for "Csoport" word in the files, but I found it only in the hungarian files (*_hu)…

    Thanx for the answer!

  • Eduardo Robles
    Eduardo Robles


    The device and device groups titles are not "hardcoded" or defined in the language translation files (like your *_hu). They are defined for every account and stored on a specific table in the database (AccountString table).

    What you are seeing is normal. You have defined the titles for Device and Groups in your account settings and they are displayed everywhere in the menus and reports.

    To change the titles simply enter your account information page (use your View/Edit Account Information link) and change the definitions for Device and Group (both singular and plural).



  • Zoltan Nagy
    Zoltan Nagy

    Dear Eduardo!

    Thanks for your quick solution!
    I searched it for everywhere in my *_hu files, but I didn't think, that is on my database!

    Thanks again!

    Bestr Regards:
    Zoltan Nagy