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Can not modify private.xml

  • Guangye Sui
    Guangye Sui

    I can not modify private.xml files, I just open it and type in some space.
    Then 'private.xml' contains syntax/parsing errors shows in the webpages.
    After I run checkInstall.bat in the console. it shows I have syntax error in private.xml
    this makes no sense at all, because I did not change any thing but type in some space.

    is this because of the version of xML or something? Please help me. thanks a lot.

    (XML file) ==> D:\OpenGTS_2.4.5\private.xml
    WARNING[1]: does not match %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\track\WEB-INF\private.xml

    (Class) ==> org.opengts.war.tools.PrivateLabelLoader
    [Fatal Error] private.xml:123:2: The markup in the document following the root e
    lement must be well-formed.
    [ERROR] Parse error: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The markup in the document f
    ollowing the root element must be well-formed.
    [ERROR] Unable to create XML Document from file: D:\OpenGTS_2.4.5\private.xml
    [ERROR] Error loading: D:\OpenGTS_2.4.5\private.xml
    ERROR: Errors were encountered while parsing 'private.xml'.

    Device Communication Servers (registered):
    1) template ==> [TCP=31200 UDP=31200] Example Template Server
    2) lantrix ==> [UDP=31097] Lantrix T1800/T2000
    3) gt02a ==> [TCP=31273] gt02a Server
    4) taip ==> [TCP=31275 UDP=31275] TAIP (Trimble ASCII Interface
    5) gtsdmtp ==> [TCP=31000 UDP=31000] OpenDMTP
    6) sipgear ==> [TCP=31170 UDP=31170] ZhongShan SIPGEAR Technology
    Co, Ltd.
    7) icare ==> [TCP=31160 UDP=31160] ICare
    8) tk10x ==> [TCP=31272 UDP=31272] Generic TK102/TK103
    9) aspicore ==> [TCP=31265 UDP=31265] Aspicore GSM Tracker