#4 bug in reports, version 2.1.7

Mihai Csaky

1. Conditions: log in into an account as administrator, there is data for device, but not for current day (data si older)

Steps: after login go to menu: Reports-> Detail Reports - > Event detail (do not access mapping menu).

- the report will be empty
- in the empty report, if you click "Map" link, will log you out

2. If you are going to Mapping menu, look at the vehicle on the map, and after that you are going to reports, everything is ok. The empty report appears only if there is no data for current day and the report menu is accessed first.


  • Martin Flynn
    Martin Flynn

    Actually, this is not a bug.

    By default, the report menu calendar shares the date/time set on the map calendar. However, if no date/time is currently set, the current date/time will be displayed (this date/time is stored in the login session variables). This is why displaying the report page first selects the current date/time.

    If the 'private.xml' property "trackMap.calendarDateOnLoad" is "last" (which it is by default), then when a device is selected on the map, the calendar is set to the last day that the device reported events (usually the desired behavior). This sets the current default date/time, which then allows you to go to the report page to generate reports on the previously selected device (which is automatically selected on the report page from the last device selected on the map), and with the same calendar date range selected on the map. This is why the report calendar date/time is set to the same date/time as the last map displayed.

    If having the report calendar tied to the map calendar is not preferred for a specific application, then they can be separated by setting the 'private.xml' property "reportMenu.useMapDates" to "false". In this case changes to the calendar on the map will not be reflected on the report calendar.

    - Martin

  • Martin Flynn
    Martin Flynn

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