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Feng Office 1.7 BETA 2 released!

WARNING: This release is not suitable for production environments. It's only for evaluation and testing purposes.

Download here:

Changes since 1.7 beta:
- bugfix: Error when deleting an email from the trash.
- bugfix: Improved the workspace filter's performance
- bugfix: Missing lang: log comment projectfiles data
- bugfix: Tags of objects without workspaces were not being shown.
- bugfix: Permissions are now better considered when listing tags. (type permissions are taken into account)
- bugfix: Error whgen editting workspace permissions assigned to a group.
- bugfix: Error when adding a subtask from the task's view
- bugfix: Current time marker in 5 day view is one day ahead.
- bugfix: Task list view shows date one day ahead on some timezones
- usability: Don't ask whether to keep workspaces when dragging an email to a workspace if the email has no workspaces.

Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2010-04-01