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OpenGoo 1.5 beta3 released!

Warning: OpenGoo 1.5 BETA 3 is not suitable for production environments.
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengoo/files/opengoo/opengoo_1.5.beta3.zip

Lots of bugs have been fixed for this release and a few features have been added.

What has been improved:
- Drag and drop now doesn’t require that you select rows before dragging, and an icon was added to make it easier to know where to drag a row.
- Added permissions to access the time module
- Added a checkbox next to milestone and workspace selection in tasks, to apply the selection to all subtasks
- Fixed delete from server after X days (only delete fetched emails older than x days)
- Fixed error when downloading revisions
- Contact’s workspaces were not being shown
- Dashboard - view as list was not listing documents
- Fixed errors when using PDO Backend
- Event email reminders were not being sent
- Events that end at or after midnight were not being drawn correctly (week and day view)
- Problems with group permissions (workspaces didn’t load and object listings didn’t list files in group workspaces)
- Reports weren’t being sorted correctly and only printed first page
- Plus more bugfixes

For a full list of changes in this version check the changelog: https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=191520&release_id=696339

Please report bugs here: http://bugs.opengoo.org


Posted by Ignacio de Soto 2009-07-11