OpenGoo 1.3 final is out!

  • Marcos

    OpenGoo 1.3 final has been released, with updates and new functionality that improve usability! You can download it now here.

    Some of the new features introduced since version 1.2:

        * Billing module:
              o Defining hourly rates for users and workspaces.
              o Generate a report showing how much should be billed for some client.
              o Get charts on the dashboard comparing billing amounts by user.
        * Reminders:
              o Define email reminders or popup reminders for events, tasks and milestones.
              o Reminders can be set for yourself or for all subscribers of an object.
              o Email reminders need a properly configured cron job.
        * Workspace information:
              o New dashboard widget showing workspace related information.
              o See which users share that workspace, who created it, etc.
              o Subscribe to an RSS feed of the workspace's activity.

    These are the fixes since 1.3 RC2:

        * Weblinks view now shows URL.
        * General timeslots' billing information is now also included in reports.
        * Fixed error about billing id when closing timeslot.
        * Large images would cause a memory exhausted error when listing documents.
        * Some tags were not being displayed in the TagPanel in Chinese and other languages.
        * Linking objects to comments wasn't working.
        * Http errors are no longer displayed when polling.
        * Fixed occasional error about attributes.php.
        * Corrected a problem when displaying revisions on the trash.
        * Fixed error when viewing an event with an deleted invited user.

    Here's the official announcement:

    You can find the full changelog here:

    Download OpenGoo 1.3 here:

    You can always contact us at