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  • R. B. Riddick
    R. B. Riddick


    I'm trying to save CO2 by reducing the room temperature to 18°C (my floor is on cold ground, so that I usually have extraordinary heating costs (10% above the average inhabitant) at 21°C.

    So I built a tent around my computer, my bed and my monitors.
    The exhaust air is sucked out of my kitchen with 80Pa. Fresh air comes in through a appr. 2cm*20cm slot at a window and some little holes (TV, telco, bad door sealing).
    I connected a pipe (7cm diameter) to the window-slot and to the inner area of 125 150cm straws.
    The other end of the inner area of those straws is connected to a pipe that ends near my pillow.
    The outer area of the straws is sealed by rubber foil and sucks in air below the roof of the tent and blows it out in the outside of the tent.
    When I close the tent, my CO2 meter complains after a few minutes about a high CO2 level (>1000ppm).

    I'm interested in
    * maximum temperature difference (inner tent / room),
    * correct diameter of the fresh air pipes
    " air speed
    * CO2 distribution inside the tent
    * correct placement of the fresh air pipe and of the CO2 meter

    Can OpenFVM simulate such constructions?
    Is there already a similar simulation, that i could modify?


    PS: I like "The Matrix"... Especially those inhabitant-powered homes... :-)


    • x-flow

      Of course. Everthing but the CO2 distribution. For that you would need an extra equation. ;)

    • R. B. Riddick
      R. B. Riddick

      hm - cool!

      what if the fresh air is fluid 1 (400ppm CO2)
      and the used air is fluid 2 (40000ppm CO2 = 4% CO2)
      and my body sucks in fluid 1 and exhausts fluid 2 at 7litres/second?

      i will tinker a little tomorrow and keep u updated... :-)


    • R. B. Riddick
      R. B. Riddick


      i experimented with the dam-example with modified .mtl file and found, that they dont mix so much after 100sec...
      can openfvm simulate diffusion?

      u can c my model of my "bed cave"...
      the walls of the cave r made of sealed-air-foil (2-layers with 1cm to 6cm distance)...
      in the cave is my computer with monitors (big box - the fan is neglectable, i think...)
      and me (small box)...

      the little box should suck in 7 litres/sec of fluid1/2 mixture and exhale 7 litres/sec of fluid 2...
      the cave sucks in fresh air with ??? Pa...
      the room is ventilated by the other slot with 80Pa underpressure...

      how can i model that?