Net forces?


  • Anonymous

    I'm looking at OpenFVM as a way of modeling wind loads on solar panels on the roofs of buildings. Typically, CFD programs generate a list of vectors for flows, and then let you peek at the values at different points. I need "gross" figures instead - total lift and drag on the array. I've been shown how to do this in Caedium, but as we already do all of our modeling in SketchUp, and there's a SketchUp->OpenFVM link, I was wondering if OpenFVM might be a good solution to the problem?

  • x-flow

    I guess that you can derive those loads from pressure data obtained by OpenFVM. Keep in mind that OpenFVM is a incompressible flow solver so it is more suitable for modelling water and other incompressible liquids. In spite of this, I believe it can give some useful data and be a good starting point for further analysis.