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Documentation changes

Uploaded updated documentation in odt format with annotations and few minor changes. I will no longer support doc format for documentation. The project is dormant, but it will start again.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2013-05-25

DNS outage

Pubsoccermanager is affected by the well known GoDaddy problem. You can access it with the IP:

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2012-09-10

Documentation updates

Tip: As documentation is generally updated along with functionality and other file updates between releases (i.e. after the initial and only release, so far ;-) ), you will find the updated documentation (in relation to that in the release bundle) by downloading directly the documentation files from the download section.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2012-01-24

Running OpenFootie

Quick tip: regarding the last post, the required files for running OpenFootie successfully from the jar file after being (hopefully) created are the config.txt and the probability model file in the "data" directory. For details, please check the documentation and/or the "download files" section

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2012-01-10

Build xml

Build xml file for compiling with ant added. It includes the full package paths (not yet committed), so you may want to remove these references until the new release. An executable jar file can be created, simulating the hardcoded input match (no command-line arguments and no database required). For running it, the instructions in the documentation for running the 'hardcoded match' version apply (make sure the required data/configuration files are included in the appropriate paths). If you want to use an IDE, the IDE I use for compiling/running is Eclipse. Any comments, questions or additional instructions are welcome.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2012-01-10


Due to maintenance, the main project site at will be unavailable for at least a few hours on 2nd November. However, from today and as a replacement, the testing environment at is available with more features, but less stable too.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2011-10-31

New blog entry

As part of the developer documentation posts series, this quite long but comprehensive blog post describes the configuration files of OpenFootie:

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2011-07-29

File added

Separate tarball with source code is added (release 0.6.0)

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2011-03-10

Files added

README, CHANGES, INSTALL and the Apache License are uploaded.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2011-03-10

Twitter account

OpenFootie is on Twitter! Follow the progress between updates and provide feedback:!/openfootie

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2011-01-26

Blog entry

The first OpenFootie blog post and the first post regarding developer documentation:

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2010-10-14

Database-free interaction

A sample java file with hard-coded input is committed to the trunk, so that prior setting up of database is not required any more.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2010-10-13

Initial release version: 0.6 file renamed to to reflect current version number. Nothing is changed in the distribution files. Just the release number added.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2010-07-04

SVN repository

Source code uploaded in SVN repository.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2010-07-04

Pub Soccermanager site launched

Some of you might have noticed in the documentation that there is also a demo "host application" for OpenFootie, named Pub SoccerManager or "pubmanager". Anyway, its web page is launched today at, from which you can play matches with a real user interface and have a direct gaming experience.

Posted by Andreas Tasoulas 2010-05-15