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foam-extend-3.0 Merge Request #1: swak4Foam 0.3.0 can be downloaded from SVN (merged)



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Bruno Santos asked you to merge 0 commits from /u/wyldckat/openfoam-extend/ to master, 2014-05-22

With the release of FOAM-Extend 3.0, swak4Foam now supports it by using this SVN path: svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/openfoam-extend/svn/trunk/Breeder_2.0/libraries/swak4Foam

In addition, I replaced the tab characters for 8 spaces, so that the indentation is more coherent, since the tab character can have any number of spaces assigned on each one's favourite text editor.

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  • Hrvoje Jasak
    Hrvoje Jasak

    To be confirmed by Bernhard; I think this or equivalent has already been done.

  • No. I only did things if people pull in from the Mercurial archive.

    The change is useful and has not been done yet. Please merge

  • Hrvoje Jasak
    Hrvoje Jasak

    • Status: open --> merged