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Read Me

This part of the repository is for OpenFOAM test harnesses.

Directory Structure

OpenFOAM            : CMake/CTest scripts for compilation and execution test harness for OpenFOAM.
OpenFOAM/1.6-dev    : Test harness for OpenFOAM version 1.6-dev. See the file OpenFOAM/1.6-dev/README.txt for more information

OSIG                : CMake/CTest scripts for OpenFOAM Special Interest Group (OSIG) test harness
OSIG/TurboMachinery : Test harness for the TurboMachinery OSIG. See the file OSIG/Turbomachinery/README.txt for more information.

Martin Beaudoin, Hydro-Quebec, 2010. All rights reserved.

1: Select your git branch of choice: ie:
   git checkout master   # For Hrv master branch

2: Make sure your OpenFOAM environment is properly configured to run OpenFOAM.

3: The minimal cmake version number for running the test loop is 2.8.0. Make sure you are there. 

4: Make sure you have the test harness scripts available under your git branch; 
   otherwise, you will need to fetch this from Hrv's master branch, and merge it into yours

   ls $WM_PROJECT_DIR/testHarness  # Checking availability of testHarness under this branch

5: move to the runDir directory for the OpenFOAM test harness
   cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR/testHarness/OpenFOAM/1.6-ext/runDir

6: Normally, if using the master branch, everything should already be setup for you to run the test harness.
   Still, I recommand always checking that these two important files are up-to-date:

   cp ../CMakeFiles/CMakeLists.txt $WM_PROJECT_DIR
   cp ../CMakeFiles/CTestConfig.cmake.openfoam-extend_of-1.6-ext-testing $WM_PROJECT_DIR/CTestConfig.cmake 

7:   Next, running the test loop is pretty simple:
   cd $WM_PROJECT_DIR/testHarness/OpenFOAM/1.6-ext/runDir # you should already be there...

8: The results will be published on the CDash dashboard on openfoam-extend. 

   To see your results:
   URL      :
   Username : of-1.6-ext@of-extend.cdash
   Password : onepasswd4all

9: You can customize your system identifier on the dashboard using the environment variable $CDASH_SUBMIT_LOCAL_HOST_ID. 
   Otherwise, the fully qualified name of your system will be used. 

   A good customization idea would be to add the name of your git branch in your system ID. 
   I will probably modify my scripts to add this information automagically.

   NB: Please no "forward slash" or "/" in the system ID; it looks like CDash will choke on this.

10: In general, see the file $WM_PROJECT_DIR/testHarness/OpenFOAM/1.6-ext/README.txt for the necessary information about running the 
    test loop. 
    (NB: I just found out a couple of mistakes in that file, so please use this message for now as per instructions for running the test loop. 
         I will fix this shortly. Sorry.)

11: As more people will start using these basic steps, I will supply more information about some other features that are available with 
    the test loop. 

    But I need to see those baby steps first...  :) 

12: Please do not hesitate to report any problems, comments, suggestions about the test loop. 
    This stuff runs great on my systems, but it needs to run even better on yours.