OpenFlower just started !

The development of OpenFlower, an open source CFD software is launched. The core development team is composed of four research engineers (based in Grenoble, France).
The main purpose of the code is to provide an open source environment for the development of a CFD code devoted to Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent incompressible flows.
Its main characteristic will be its modular conception and a finite volume discretization method in order to deal with arbitrary cell shapes. It is directly implemented in 3D and relies (for the geometrical aspects) on the opensource CAD/Mesh tool Gmsh.
It is intended to researchers, but mostly to PhD students in the fields of fluid mechanics, turbulence, combustion...
Developpers are welcome to join the project and collaborate both in the physical and numerical modeling, as well as for software architecture !

Posted by The Conqueror 2004-03-10