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I really should read more....

  • Ravenwater

    I was reading the TODO file in the code release and it mentioned OpenDX so that is where the previous posting came from....

    After I posted that I read the open discussion, and voila, AP's survey indicates that paraview is more to the liking. Checked out their stuff and I am a big KitWare fan, so is anyone working on the ParaView stuff yet?

    • Hi tomtzigt !
      For the moment nobody is working on ParaView.
      So if you are willing to develop the output format for this soft, it's just GREAT!
      Tell me if you need any help this development : you can keep in touch with me via the folloqing email address openflower at
      I will help you if you need.

      In the meanwhile, I am developing the output interface for Tecplot : although commercial, I think it's a very good soft (easy to use and provides with high quality processing tools). Moreover, Tecplot guys asked us if we needed any help for this development. So I guess we can come out with this new format pretty soon.

      Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any support.