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  • I hit this error several times. I change the characteristic length several times until it goes away or I am out of time/patience. What is it about?

    Simulation data file: bus.flw
    System composed of 1 Equations: eqn1
    - Mesh file          : bus.msh
    Finished reading 3 frontiers.
           * Number of frontier faces: 2374
           * Number of elements      : 10298
    Finding all faces in domain completed....

    >>> In file Octree.cpp[262] <<<
    Problem in octree: possibly two identical faces in two different leafs...
    Submit bug report at http://sourceforge.net/projects/openflower
    Or send an email to openflower@gmail.com
    OpenFlower: Octree.cpp:266: void Octree::searchDoubleFaces(MyVector<int>&, const MyVector<Face>&, const std::vector<int, std::allocator<int> >&): Assertion `0' failed.

    • I see/ Octree is your mesh reading machine. What do you mean in the error messege by "leaf". Is this when there are two planes co-planar to eachother?