applicability of OpenFlower?

Nick Choly
  • Nick Choly
    Nick Choly

    Hi, great work on another valuable open-source project, guys.  I have successfully gotten openflower to compile and run "straight out of the box" on my Mac running OS X 10.3.

    I was wondering, though, what kind of physical problems OpenFlower is applicable to.  This could perhaps be stated more clearly on the web page.  I am interested in simulating airflow over kites and sails.  I have made some efforts already in trying to simulate this using another open-source CFD package called "ADFC", but I have been unsucessful in getting ADFC to have convergent solutions.  Do you think OpenFlower would be applicable?

    If you are familiar with ADFC, perhaps you could state the differences between OpenFlower and ADFC.  One of them seems to be the inclusion of temperature in openflower.
    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    • x-flow


      The most important diference is that ADFC uses finite element method and openflower uses finite volume method.

      In my view, finite volume method is preferable to model fluid flow. (But I can be wrong).

      Another diference is that openflower is still under development so you will have to wait a little bit more to simulate the airflow over kites and sails.