Errors encountered during compilation VC++

  • Billy Araujo
    Billy Araujo

    These are some errors I encountered during compiling in Visual C++:

    - redefinition of variables:
    -- problem: 
    void main()

      for(int i=0;i<present->getNbValues();i++)
      { ... }

      for(int i=0;i<5;i++)
      { ... }


    -- solution

    void main()

      int i;

      { ... }

      { ... }


    - no such file or directory:
    -- problem: #include <Variable.h>
    -- solution: #include "Variable.h"

    • Hi XFlow,

      Good to hear from you today !
      Thanks for trying to compile the code with VC++:
      - the error with the include files with "< >" which are not found was already corrected in the v0.3 release. In fact, it was not properly coded without the "file.h" convention...
      - as for the redefinition of variables, I guess we will have to correct it the next release to makes things properly!

      So thanks a lot for this contribution.
      By the way, are there a lot of changes needed to make the Windows distribution? If it needs some work, than I can imagine that we could add you to our developpers list (as a release technician) so that U can post new Windows releases but this time hosted on the SourceForge web-site. What do you think about it?

      Some news now: I will start to develop the Navier-Stokes part of the code starting from next week. I hope to release a first version of it in a month: I think it is possible.

      See U soon,

    • Billy Araujo
      Billy Araujo

      Hi VortexFlow,

      I am very pleased to know about openflower developments!!

      About the compilation I am not sure of one more  thing: when I compile file "Algorithm.h" one error occurs at line 27: 

      virtual double getStabilityTimeStep(){} //! Calculates the Stability Time Step specific to this Algorithm.

      error C4716: 'Algorithm::getStabilityTimeStep' : must return a value

      I had to change it so it would compile:

      virtual double getStabilityTimeStep(){return 0;} //! Calculates the Stability Time Step specific to this Algorithm.

      But I am not sure about this.

      I hope you can clean the files so they can recompile more easily in both Linux and Windows environments.

      About joining the team, that would be great!


    • Alberto

      Hi x-flow,

      virtual double getStabilityTimeStep(){}

      is not defined yet in Alghorithm.cpp, so the error should disappear when the function will be implemented.

      ap :-)

    • Hi ... both of you!

      Well, I think I am going to correct the sources so as to make them easily usable both 4 Linux & Windows in the next few days.