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Survey: Post-processing tools

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  • 1. Tecplot
    2. OpenDX

  • Tecplot

  • Hi,

    Your project is very interesting. Congratulations.

    Generally speaking, I think that VTK is becoming a kind of "de facto open-format" for 2D/3D post-processing.

    We have also developped an open-source VTK/Java based viewer, called Cassandra, easy to extend and adapt through plug-ins. You can have a look at http://dev.artenum.com/projects/cassandra.

    We are open to interact with Open Flower and discuss about Open Flower-to-Cassandra plug-ins for example.

    Best regards,

    The Artenum team.

  • How about GiD?



  • Tecplot or Paraview.  (Though I've found Paraview to be very unstable)

  • OpenDx posesses a felxibility none of the other tools
    can offer. (Think of the fights with tecplot!!!)

  • 1. Tecplot would be great!
    2. VTK
    3. OpenDX or Maya VI

  • 1. Tecplot
    2. OpenDX

  • ParaVew

  • OpenDX is so much more powerful that it knocks the others out with a brick to the head. I'd love to see it.

  • There are plenty of expensive CFD solutions out there, most out of the reach of individuals; we need something open and free! It makes no sense whatsoever for a free open program to require an expensive closed visualizer.

    [I would not shock me if a company troll is keeping an eye on this thread, if not working on it, to keep their business model.]

    I've tried Paraview. It looks capable. It works. I may try OpenDX as well.

    If we can only make Cubit available to people as well, we would have a complete CFD solution.


  • GMSH is the right way to go. Soon it will use OpenCascade to generate meshes on IGES and STEP files. I saw cubit and it seems nice but there seems to be no demo. If you pay for a mesher it should be able to mesh complex geometries where surfaces have many gaps and bad intersections or else it is useless.

  • I'm currently using mayavi2 and it looks great though i haven't checked others.
    I think any open format (vtk) should be great and compatible with most postprocessing tools

  • Definitely Paraview - and I don't care how unstable it might be. My experience with tecplot does not scream quality either - although it is commercial - funny that!

    I would rule tecplot out as a particularly useful format. It's not free/open source. This means that the software will probably go the way of all commercial software - from good, to obsolete and unloved, to 'the flogging the dead horse' release, and finally to the commercial software graveyard - never to be seen again. Whereas, the open source stuff will be picked up and be given new life all the time. It is also much more available to students of CFD no matter who their supervisor is!

    Anyway, it's not hard to write yourself a conversion program if you are really desperate.

  • Hi I am an aerospace engineer.  I am very interested in your CFD package.  From a novice's point of view I believe any of the freebies should be fine.  The VTK format looks compatible with many of the post-processing tools out there.  I did get gmsh.  I use Alibre (free) as a parametric modeling enviroment.  It is as good as Pro/E and Solid Works.  It is not open source, but it is free and right on with industry.  It allowed me to export a .stl file which opened flawlessly in both gmsh and paraview. I have experiance with Visual Basic so I might me interested in created a VB based GUI for setting up openflower.  If that sounds good to your team, give me an email address and we can talk about it.

    I am very pleased to hear that gmsh is heading in the direction of OpenCascade.
    BTW - I like that the goverment is involved with paraview.

  • I would like to see OpenDX and Paraview. Let's stay OpenSource friendy and encourage its development ;-) Science should be all Open !

  • ParaView works ok...

  • One more vote for ParaView

  • ParaView

  • Dear all

    would you please guide me how can i see the result of the openflower on the screen through the paraview?

    I have installed the paraview and openflower.but i dont know where should i put exactcly the paraview folder to make it configurable in openflower.
    Moreover, i dont know how can i run the paraview when i am using command in the openflower command line.

    Sorry if it is a silly question.
    but i am a new user of openflower.

    I would appreciate to any commands.


  • paraview and tecplot....... will be really great

  • as long as you provide the DOCUMENTATION for the format, we can work out a translator for it. Please DOCUMENT the format development. I am familiar with tecplot and found it very easy to understand, but I'm sure other format are as much easy. Just *document* the format, so we can work out our way.

  • The best post processor is VISIT  from NASA  langley centre . It
    is open source.  The beauty of this is that  one can view more
    than different simulation results at the sametime. Allowing
    comparision to be made between different intial boundary

    Also SALOME is a good PRE & POST pacakge .  Free GPL

  • Also try German AreoSpace opensource CFD package called MEGACADS .

    I dont even know what OpenDX and Paraview are.

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