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#11 Merge aircraft subtypes in statistics


As it is now, there's a little dilemma with aircraft types: Sometimes your records might show a general type (737, A300), sometimes more detailed information (737-300, A300-600). Now, how to enter this?

If you enter the subtype (where available), you end up creating many artificial plane types under 'Analyze'. So it distorts the stats. In the Top 10, you may have 10 flights on 737 (unspecified), 6 on 737-200, 5 on 737-400 and 2 on 737-800, while I think all this should actually count as 737 (main category).

On the other hand, if you decide to leave out the subtype, it means you discard some potentially interesting information.

So when entering a new flight, there should possibly be two separate fields for aircraft type: a) main type and b) subtype.

In the statistical calculations, the numbers for the subtypes would be merged into those for the main types, and only the latter would be displayed.


  • Different users have different requirements for aircraft types, I don't want to limit them any more than I have to. Merging together subtypes on the database level is impossible, as it doesn't "understand" that eg. plane ID 13 is a subtype of plane 14; however, it might be possible to post-process the list after it's been loaded from the DB. This is a significant amount of work for a small payoff though, so this is not very high on the priority list at the moment.

  • This has now been partly addressed by the addition of autocompletion, which suggests (but does not force) a certain set of plane names to use.

  • Okay, okay, what I had in mind is rather:

    The DB doesn't need to be so smart and understand about subtypes; it would be enough to add an (optional) input field "aircraft type suffix" that isn't used for any calculation/analysis/stat generation, but is just there for information, like the "aircraft registration" field.

    Then the user would have 2 choices:

    a) Enter main aircraft type (e.g. 737) or full type (e.g. 737-300) into the existing "aircraft type" field. The "aircraft type suffix" field can stay empty. [Same as current situation.] The Top 10 List will have a separation into subtypes.

    b) Enter main type (e.g. 737) into "aircraft type" field and subtype (e.g. 300) into "aircraft type suffix" field. In this case, the top ten list will only show the main types (737, 747, 757...), while in the user's flights list the complete information (737-300) is displayed, exactly as before.

  • I've been thinking about a brute-force solution for this: for plane stats, just chop off everything after the "-" before counting. Names like "McDonnell-Douglas" and "ATR-72" will make this kinda painful to get right, but judicious tweaking of the autocompletion defaults should help.


  • Anonymous


    are you still planning to implement this feature?
    Basically I am facing the problem mentioned in https://sourceforge.net/p/openflights/feature-requests/68/
    Sometimes, there is a Boeing 737 in my historic files, sometimes it is a Boeing 737-700, so the statistics look weird and are incorrect...
    An extra field for the sub-type would be amazing. I especially liked the idea of putting an option next to the main airplane types to go into more details, e.g. from Airbus/Boeing/MD/etc. to 737/747/757/767/777/787 and then further down to 737-100/-200/-300 etc.
    I would be willing to donate for this feature (if that helps).

    Thank you!



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