OpenExif 1.1 released!

New Features/Bug Fixes for v1.1 include:
- Improved handling of the Application Segments through a new Application Segment Manager. Now all application segments are persisted.
- New ExifRawAppSeg class, enables applications to access (get and set) the raw data for all Application Segment, even if they haven't been implemented.
- Providing example programs in examples/:
- AppSegDump -> shows information about the Application Segments of an Exif file
- ExifTagDump -> shows all the metadata entries in APP1 of an Exif file
- Performance improvements (speed).
- Support for VC7.1 (Visual Studio .Net 2003). Not including new project files. The VC7 ones can be used and will be automatically converted.
- Fixed bug when opening an Exif image from memory.

OpenExif is an object-oriented library for accessing Exif formated JPEG image files. The toolkit allows creating, reading, and modifying the metadata in the Exif file. It also provides means of getting and setting the main image and the thumbnail image.

Posted by Ricardo Rosario 2003-05-15