The "Scale to view settings" option does not work for non-linear enhancements; it only considers the layer's display minimum and maximum and scales the data linearly in between.  The "apply equalization enhancement" setting (and other non-linear settings) operate by applying an additional look-up table on top of this scaling, which the Export tool does not account for.  If you don't need the raster at full resolution, you could use OpenEV's "print" option and output to a file rather than to a printer; this should give a result that looks like what you see on screen.






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Dear All,

Applying "Linear Stretch/Enhancemen"t and exporting the raster with "Scale to view settings" option works fine.
But applying "Apply equalization enhancement to raster" and exporting doesn't.
What may be the problem and how can I do "Apply equalization enhancement to raster" by gdal?

Thanks in advance.