OpenEMR 2.8.3 and FreeB 0.13 Released

We finally took a break from development to put out new releases of both OpenEMR and FreeB. This release has had a heavy focus on billing improvements. Some highlights are:

* Electronic claims support has been rewritten, is much easier and no longer uses FreeB
* Electronic secondary claims may be generated
* NDC information may now be included in both electronic and paper claims
* Improved support for billing codes with modifiers
* Improved handling of electronic remits (X12 835)
* Improved tracking of claims history
* Added a start date for insurance plans, and logic to reference prior plans when appropriate
* Support for the new HCFA 1500 format
* Experimental support for multiple concurrent login sessions on the same desktop
* Added dates and issues to documents and sorting of documents by date
* Support for individual provider signature images in faxed prescriptions
* Fee Sheet now supports justification and copays
* Option to easily view the patient ID card from the patient summary
* Fixes for known security vulnerabilities
* Many other improvements and fixes

Posted by Rod Roark 2007-08-22