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  • Hi,

    Being new to OpenEmr I have a question regarding Mirth integration with OpenEmr.
    The background: I participate in a project to develop a HL7 gateway for a med tech company. The med tech device will receive incoming HL7 patient registration requests and send outgoing HL7 lab results. Mirth will be involved.
    Our idea is to use OpenEmr as a test tool.

    My question: Do I need to modifiy openEmr software source code to achieve these Mirth connections, or is it possible just to change OpenEmr configuration files?
    I couldn't really find any clear information on this. Maybe I just didn't look hard enough?

  • ViSolve


    From our understanding your Problem is:
    you need to integrate your med device with a EMR(in this case OpenEMR) for demonstration. You are planning to use mirth as an intermediate Parser. So you want to know how mirth can communicate with OpenEMR.

    The Solution:

    In perspective of a developer, OpenEMR is nothing more than a Organized Database. So using mirth one can pool database and create any kind of HL7 transactions. The same reverse process can be applied to write data into database.

    Send Patient Registrations:

    Medical transactions are always Protocol Based. To register a patient one should use ADT-A04 feed. So we can directly communicate with OpenEMR database, pool necessary data records and compose a HL7 ADT-A04 message.

    Receive Result Information:

    Normally results will be sent in a HL7 ORU message. So the developer can parse information from the incoming ORU message and affect the database.

    For doing the above stuffs, there is no need to change anything in the code. May be to keep track of patient registration sent,etc you may have to alter some tables, so that mirth will manipulate the modified records and compose ADT's.

    To manipulate procedure order-results, you can make use of following tables:

    1.) Procedure Order
    2.) Procedure Type
    3.) Procedure report
    4.) Procedure result

    Hope This Helps

    OpenEMR Customization/Support provider,
    ViSolve Inc

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  • Tony McCormick
    Tony McCormick

    WE use Mirth in various ways to connect HL7 sources to OpenEMR, we tend to use mirth to create reformed record from incoming HL7 into a table in OpenEMR and process it from the incoming table into the target tables.