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Losing dictations

Mark A
  • Mark A
    Mark A

    My office is using OpenEMR, and we still dictate most of our notes.  To do that, we open the "Speech Dictation" window, and use Dragon to input the text.

    The problem is that one or two notes a day don't get recorded.  When you open the note the next day, the dictation just isn't there.  That may be due to forgetting to click "Save" when the note is done, but some of them disappear even when "Save" has been clicked.

    Is there any way that dictated notes can be saved on-the-fly to a "Drafts" folder, as they are being entered, so they can be recovered if need be?  Has anyone else noticed this problem?

  • Kevin Yeh
    Kevin Yeh

    I am not sure how best to deal with the situation where notes disappear even when "Save" has been hit.

    However to make it less painful when a user goes to a different screen before hitting save, some clever javascript attached to either the blur events of the text fields and/or the unload event of the document could be a good approach.


  • Robert Rambo
    Robert Rambo

    I am wondering if it is possible to add autosave via php js ajax to OpenEMR Clinical Forms as this is a very common problem
    Also Time outs could be a issue? Or maybe storing data in browser cookies is a Solution?

  • Jojo Pornebo
    Jojo Pornebo

    Like Google docs as I type it saves the doc in frequent intervals or when I pause from typing.

  • CVerk

    Once after running an update I had that happen with the chief complaint dictation box.  I looked and found all the notes in the database, but they just didn't show up in the visits. I uninstalled the form, put a new copy of it in the forms file and then reinstalled it, and voila, all the notes were back in place.