OpenEJB 0.8.3 Released!

OpenEJB -- EJB Container System and EJB Server

Release news, October 2nd, 2002.

OpenEJB 0.8.3 -

The OpenEJB team has been hard at work implementing your suggestions and improving the usability and performance of OpenEJB since our big 0.8 Final release in July. The result is something we are all very proud of and represents a real community effort. We would like very much to thank all the users for their fantastic feedback and support, most notably:

Jacek Laskowski
Tim Urberg
Clint Olson
James Downer
Jason Rosenberg
John Mettraux
Marc Prud'hommeaux
Andrew Sleeman
Terry McGregor
Anthony W. Marino
Frank Marshall
Gopal M.
Bradley Smith
Michael Mihaljevic

If you tried 0.8 final or any of the beta releases, you should try out OpenEJB 0.8.3, it's a whole new experience. Key changes since OpenEJB 0.8 include:

[612648] Missing XML files in the distribution
[606364] syntax error at line 16: `('
[612676] [openejb]$ help: help: command not found
[612674] WARN: config.0004
[516975] BMP beans pooled after ejbPostCreate
[595960] openejb start -conf c:\any\openejb.conf
[603770] Fixes to BMP ejbLoad/ejbStore
[605360] Need to convert .sh files to Unix format

[599761] A basic (connector) service example doc
[611638] Cleanup Exception Handling in commits
[616815] JDK 1.4 assert warnings: upgrade JUnit
[612688] Cannot bind to the ip: and port
[604217] Complete logging and i18n API
[603785] Removed classloading in scripts
[603741] Better mapping of transaction attributes
[603745] Warnings are logged for bad tx attribute
[603747] Major cleanup of SessionSynchronizations
[603751] Added transaction logging facility
[603759] TX manager code cleanup
[603761] Added method invocation logging facility
[603768] performance/locking review throughout
[603769] Entity pooling performance
[603772] Stateless instance pooling performance
[603775] Faster bulk session passivation
[603777] StatefulContainer: better exptn handling
[603778] Fixed session loss during passivation

Posted by David Blevins 2002-10-02