OpenDMTP GPS tracking now available for your Palm Treo 650

This is the first public release of the OpenDMTP J2ME client, and Java server, reference implementations!

The OpenDMTP J2ME client reference implementation (v1.1.2) is now available for providing GPS tracking on your Palm Treo 650 Smartphone. And since a server is also needed to collect your GPS tracking data, the OpenDMTP Java server (v1.1.0) is now also available and includes support for Simplex connections, as well as custom event packet negotiation.

In preparation for the release of the Java server, the OpenDMTP C client has also been updated. See the corresponding project 'README.txt' and 'CHANGELOG.txt' files for details on new project features and changes.

OpenDMTP is a protocol and framework that allows communications with small devices (mobile phones, PDA's, and other high-latency/low-bandwidth devices), especially geared towards the transmission of GPS, temperature, and other remote monitoring information. The OpenDMTP projects provides software reference implementations for using the OpenDMTP protocol.

These packages serve as a developer-kit for those wishing to create their own clients and servers communicating via the OpenDMTP protocol.

The 1.1.0 Java Server release may be found here:

The 1.1.2 J2ME Client release may be found here:

The 1.1.4 C-language Client release may be found here:

More information on OpenDMTP may be found on the project home page:

Posted by Martin Flynn 2006-03-26