#27 Update .spec

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Kouhei Sutou

The current .spec doesn't follow the latest installed files. There are
the following errors:

RPM build errors:
File not found by glob: /home/opendkim-build/rpm/BUILDROOT/opendkim-2.8.1-1.x86_64/usr/bin/*

RPM build errors:
Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

The attached patch fixes them.


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  • Kouhei Sutou
    Kouhei Sutou

    Update .spec

    • assigned_to: nobody --> cm-msk
  • There are sometimes files in "bin", depending on what build options are used. For example, enabling Lua will produce bin/miltertest; enabling stats and OpenDBX will produce bin/opendkim-spam.

    Can the spec file make that a non-fatal error, or put some logic in there to check for the presence of a file before trying to copy files?

    Otherwise, patch applied.

  • Kouhei Sutou
    Kouhei Sutou

    Maybe "%if" syntax can do it but there are more works for supporting Lua and/or OpenDBX.
    We need to add "Require:" and "BuildRequires:" parameters for dependency packages but there are no paramerters for them.

    I think that we re-add "%{_bindir}/*" after we support Lua and/or OpenDBX.
    I hope that those tasks are discussed with separated tasks because we cannot use the current .spec without this patch. It is a problem what we need to solve before those tasks.

    Could you apply this patch?

  • Kouhei Sutou
    Kouhei Sutou

    It doesn't works when .spec generated by "configure --with-lua" is used. The configure command line in the .spec doesn't have --with-lua but the .spec requires bin/*.

    % sudo yum install -y lua-devel
    % ./configure --with-lua
    % make dist
    % rpmdev-setuptree
    % cp opendkim-2.8.1.tar.gz rpm/SOURCES/
    % rpmbuild -ba contrib/spec/opendkim.spec # bin/* error

    I've attached the v2 patch. It supports --with-lua but --with-odbx and --with-libjanson aren't supported. Because CentOS 6 doesn't have packages for them.

  • Updated again so that ./configure alters the configure command in the spec file based on those same three argument groups. Pushed to "develop".

  • Sorry, missed your second patch. Looking now.

  • I've reviewed your second diff. Please have a look at what I just put on "develop". It handles the case you have (or should), and also will work when you do have jansson and opendbx packages.

    The spec file there is in use as-is for other distributions. If we need to make CentOS-specific changes directly to it, I'd rather create a separate directory in contrib for CentOS, and then you can change whatever you like in there.

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