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#2 pkg-config support for openssl detection (+packageing fixs)

Packaging (4)
Daniel Black

I started as a PKG_CONFIG test for openssl but it started to conflict with the uncommited autoconf patch I send msk yesterday so here it is in full.

reasons for changes:
wanted by autoscan however solaris crashes because from them says the cvs changelog for

Use PKG_CHEKC_MODULES to search for openssl - much more likely to get a matching headers/library than searching. Fall back on searching if needed or if a path is specified.

build static and shared libaries.
add libresolv because needs it on Linux, not sure if this is portable. Without this compulation will fail with LD_FLAGS --as-needed

-man_MANS = ar.3
+dist_man_MANS = ar.3
ensure man files are distributed

changes due to openssl detection

docsdir separated for readability purpose. Used standard $(htmldir) which should be portable.

used file as linking dynamic libaries to static libraries causes relocation problems.

No tests directly use openssl functions therefore LDFLAGS are not needed.

dist_sbin_SCRIPTS is simplier than adding it to EXTRA_DIST

$(docdir) is more portable than $(datarootdir)/doc/@PACKAGE@

opendkim - doesn't use milter or unbound directly so removed. Only uses openssl.
doesn't use TRE even with FFR_REPLACE_RULES which uses system(glibc) regex

opendkim_stats only uses LIBDB directly

opendkim_testkey doesn't use openssl or anything else directly

opendkim_testadsp only uses libopendkim

dist_man_ is simpler


  • Daniel Black
    Daniel Black

    openssl pkg-config detect and dependancy fixes and libar dynamic

    • milestone: --> 1.1.0
  • This work was merged in from br-dblack-autoimprovements this weekend, for release in 1.2.0.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> cm-msk
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • v1.2.0 released.