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[r1829] by hsujohnhsu

comment out timing reports

2011-07-15 17:03:59 Tree
[r1828] by hsujohnhsu

merging from sse branch

2011-07-15 08:41:05 Tree
[r1827] by jamesbowman

Optimizations: non-random access pattern, SSE for math

2011-07-01 22:01:06 Tree
[r1826] by hsujohnhsu

comment out random reordering for testing

2011-06-30 01:46:43 Tree
[r1825] by hsujohnhsu

bug fix rms error

2011-06-06 21:54:27 Tree
[r1824] by hsujohnhsu

bug fix rms error

2011-06-06 21:52:05 Tree
[r1823] by hsujohnhsu

remove max_delta, too costly. added demo_friction_quickstep test.

2011-06-03 06:21:10 Tree
[r1822] by hsujohnhsu

turn off debug

2011-05-28 19:12:22 Tree
[r1821] by hsujohnhsu

monitoring is costly, about 10% performance hit

2011-05-28 19:10:14 Tree
[r1820] by hsujohnhsu

added ode api for dWorldGetQuickStepRMSError

2011-05-28 03:00:03 Tree
[r1819] by hsujohnhsu

added c header for dWorldGetQuickStepRMSError

2011-05-28 02:56:08 Tree
[r1818] by hsujohnhsu

added funciton returns rms error for quickstep in dWorldGetQuickStepRMSError(dWorldID)
update version minor minor in from to

2011-05-28 02:38:22 Tree
[r1817] by hsujohnhsu

adding stacks demo

2011-05-27 08:47:06 Tree
[r1816] by hsujohnhsu

update test for quickstep

2011-05-27 06:04:31 Tree
[r1815] by hsujohnhsu

add big box to demo

2011-05-27 02:39:32 Tree
[r1814] by hsujohnhsu

copying friction test for quickstep

2011-05-26 01:04:41 Tree
[r1813] by hsujohnhsu

copying a test for quickstep

2011-05-26 00:56:31 Tree
[r1812] by hsujohnhsu

creating wgsse branch from wg branch to test sse optimizations.

2011-05-25 22:32:20 Tree
[r1811] by hsujohnhsu

merging from trunk

2011-05-25 22:11:13 Tree
[r1810] by hsujohnhsu

merging from trunk

2011-05-18 08:47:10 Tree
[r1809] by oleh_derevenko

Fixed: A typo in step.cpp fixed (assignment operator in a conditional instead of comparison) (reported by Bram Stolk)

2011-05-16 21:44:56 Tree
[r1808] by hsujohnhsu

debuggin iteration limits

2011-05-06 22:19:09 Tree
[r1807] by hsujohnhsu

added experimental ppgs, confirmed that identical result is achieved if ppgs has zero iterations.
minor refactoring of code.
added dxSORLCPParameters dWorldSetQuickStepPreconIterations
added globally dWorldSetQuickStepPreconIterations

2011-05-03 21:59:52 Tree
[r1806] by danielosmari

make sure to run glibtoolize from libccd's bootstrap on mac

2011-04-20 11:46:58 Tree
[r1805] by hsujohnhsu

removed in-loop damping, refactoring.

2011-04-16 23:00:53 Tree
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