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openDBcopy 0.51 release candidate 2 released

Release candidate 2 is mainly bugfixing of release candidate 1. All plugins have been retested - some have been improved - Copy Plugin, especially Schema Generation Plugin and the Dump Plugin.

Firebird has now been tested too and works fine with openDBcopy.

A final version will be released once no further bugs are reported or found. Please help testing openDBcopy too.

Posted by Anthony Smith 2004-08-04

opendbcopy 0.5 final being released in July 04

There is one item being requested since releasing the alpha version of openDBcopy 0.5. I will add the ability to enable/disable fully qualified table names for individual database connections. E.g. accessing a table by schema.tablename / catalog.tablename or just tablename. I hope this solves most problems. The documentation for 0.50 will also be updated, including a developer manual. The final release also contains updates on the schemamigration and SSH plugin.... read more

Posted by Anthony Smith 2004-07-07

sophisticated mapping/merging rules coming soon

with the current release 0.5 you can only map a source table to one destination table. A new model and implementation is being developed to support much more such as:

- map several source tables to one destination table (many to one)
- one to many and even many to many may be possible
- further rules for copying such as generation of keys etc.

Posted by Anthony Smith 2004-04-08

opendbcopy 0.5 alpha released

Don't fear the new version. In fact it is much less buggy than version 0.41.2. But because it is only tested on one platform and few databases it has an alpha in the version number. I recommend to use this new release. have fun ;-)

Posted by Anthony Smith 2004-04-08

plugin chain for batch mode

A plugin chain for synchronised execution of several plugins will soon be available. This is very useful when opendbcopy is used in batch mode, when tasks are automated. Be this for automated db synchronisation, frequent data extracts or whatever you require.

Posted by Anthony Smith 2004-03-09

opendbcopy 0.50 coming soon

- Migrate schemas (tables, constraints, indexes) from a source db to a destination db
- independent plugin development incl. GUI
- redesigned Exception Handling

Posted by Anthony Smith 2004-03-09