Dear Sir,

I am a OpenCyc newbie and I have some questions that I could not figure out yet. If anyone has time and can respond to my questions, please let me know.

Question 1: I access OpenCyc from Java and I wonder how can I query for all instances of a predicate or class. I want to collect a list of all results.
For instance, I want to collect all spatial things:   (#$isa ?X #$SpatialThing)

or, I want to collect all pairs of people liking other people: (#$likesAsFriend ?X ?Y)

For example,

  (LIST #$isa #$BillClinton #$SpatialThing) #$PeopleDataMt

works, but

  (LIST #$isa ?X #$SpatialThing) #$PeopleDataMt

tells me that ?X is unbound.

Question 2: How do I collect this list in Java?

Thank you,