I just posted the following on SourceForge:
I just got news that we're having a problem in the very last step of preparing the build for our v0.6 beta distribution. I'm going to push the estimated release date to Wednesday, April 3.

The programmers and ontologists within Cycorp put in a lot of overtime this past week trying to make this happen, so they are as disappointed as anyone. We are very close. We have a code "chill" and a KB freeze, and the internal build is passing all of the major tests. But we've got to get past this last step, and its going to take some work by one of our experts.

We appreciate your patience. We are so close.

John D.

P.S. Remember, this first release will be for Linux only. It's about a 50MB download, and it expands to about 250MB. If anyone would like to provide an anonymous ftp mirror for the download, please email me at johnd@cyc.com. Thanks.