OpenCyc: Auto. Classification and Consistency

  • Mx79

    Two urgent questions occured when working with the ontology opencyc.

    1. Does OpenCyc support an automatic classification
    2. Is there a consistency check

    For 1. we seemed to get the answer "yes" in a paper, but we are not sure if it was really meant that opencyc allows an autom. classification

    For 2. we are also not sure. Somewhere we might have read yes but we do not trust this statement by now.

    Could you please give us an answer? We need the information for a diploma thesis.

    Thanx a lot.

    • martin

      Sorry I can not answer this question, as I am a newbie too.  But was wondering if you have any luck working with the openCyc community or CycCorp?  I have had little luck contacting anyone with good knowledge of Cyc....What University are you in?  I am at the University of Texas, Austin

    • Mx79


      Unfortunately we were not lucky neither. As you see except you no-one answered us on that problem but someone answered us on another question about cyc (had to do with saving the ontology as a world file).

      We are no experts in Cyc and just needed some basic information about it for our master thesis. We tested a simple and small ontology, that was is.

      We are currently students at the Johannes Kepler university of Linz (Austria) but hope to be able to finish studying soon :)

      Bye, M.

    • Hi guys, see my working papers on various topics of OpenCyc, especially

      "Does OpenCyc 0.7 Support a Description Logic? An Experimental Inquiry and a List of Additional Rules"

      You can find them all at

      Read and try it out!

    • Mx79

      Hi Mr. Fischer

      Thanx a lot for your very interesting link. We still have to do some work on the CYC language CycL and we are sure to find a lot of relevant information in your papers.

      Bye, Manfred.