processing the Queue


  • Anonymous

    I tried to reproduce the sample API session from here:

    It works correctly up to a point, but on this line:
    (fi-ask '(#$isa #$Fido #$Mammal) #$BaseKB nil 2)

    it returns


    I see the command show up in the Master Transcript a few seconds later. How do I tell the server to go ahead and process the queue? I set the following setting

    What Do You Want To Do With Processed Operations?
       Send Immediately To Everybody

    and my agenda is currently running.


  • Anonymous

    In this case I could get the answer in various other ways using the Java API, I just am trying to understand why CycL behaves the way it does. For example, I would like to be able to get back a chain of reasoning, but the only way I have found to do that is by using PROVE in CycL, which behaves the same way (returns :QUEUED.)

  • Vijay Raj
    Vijay Raj

    FI-ASK bottoms out to NEW-CYC-QUERY. "new-cyc-query" should be used to return results.

    The fully bound query will return true or could not prove. For true "(NIL)" is the data structure returned by new-cyc-query. When it can't prove, we return "NIL". Note the only difference is NIL vs singleton NIL, i.e. NIL within parenthesis.


  • Anonymous

    Interesting, I hadn't noticed that difference (between NIL and (NIL)). If you don't mind a further question, what Cyc-L commands should I use to obtain
    1. the steps of a proof (used to be "fi-prove" I think)
    2. the parse of an English phrase (used to be "parser" I think)
    3. The natural language version of a statement (the kind you can get in the KB browser window)


  • Anonymous

    I just found the answer to question 3 above:



  • Anonymous

    Actually, those were the answer to question 2.
    The answer to question 3 is "generate-text-w/sentential-force."
    All of these seem to be working except parse-a-sentence-completely and parse-a-question-completely, which always seem to return NIL, even on the example sentences:

    (parse-a-question-completely "What countries border on Turkmenistan?" #$RKFParsingMt '(:wff-check? t))


  • Anonymous

    I should probably clarify that these questions are about researchCyc, not OpenCyc.

  • Vijay Raj
    Vijay Raj

    parse-a-question-completely will not be available for ResearchCyc for now.

    We will be releasing documentation for our OpenCyc Java APIs soon. Please stay tuned!

  • Hi Vijay,

    I am looking for the Java API documentation, has it been released yet.

    I am looking for an Java API where actually we can pass the English sentence and get back a result in near about English Language, for the terms that are there in the KB.


  • Kaja Zupanc
    Kaja Zupanc


    I am also looking for a function where we can pass the English sentence and get back the parsed terms. Since the parse-a-question-completely and parse-a-sentence-completely once worked, is it likely that this would be available again in one of the next ResearchCyc releases?

    Thanks for the answer.