OWL verson won't gunzip

  • Hi folks;

    Thanks for the hard work.

    http://sw.opencyc.org/downloads/opencyc_owl_downloads/opencyc-latest.owl.gz won't gunzip for me.

    Can you verify that it will on your end?



    • David Whitten
      David Whitten

      I believe thise file was poorly named. it is actually a tgz file. (which means after you gunzip it you should rename the result to have a .tar ending, and then use tar to extract it.

      Alternately, you can use tar with a z in the options and it will automatically gunzip it for you.

    • Thanks for the reply.  I should have mentioned, however, that I unsuccessfully tried to untar the result of the unzipping. 

      Has anyone out there successfully retrieved this file?



    • David Baxter
      David Baxter

      Is this still not working for you? I just tried it and it worked for me. The zipped file is just an RDF/XML file, not a tar archive, so running "gunzip" on it should be all you need.