Anyone heard from CyC corp?

  • I think it's fair to say that we're never going to see a "version 1.0" for OpenCYC.  The promises made by the CyC corporation two years ago have not eventuated.  Can someone recommend better projects for logic inference that are being actively developed?

    • We're back. Please note the following excerpt from our release notes:


      There have been two major changes in approach that should lead to more frequent releases.

      1. It was the case, prior to this release, that we were holding back definitional assertions on
          terms until  they were reviewed and found to be essentially complete across terms included
          in the KB.

         For example, for all of the terms 1,2, . . . n in the OpenCyc KB, we would attempt to ensure
         that, for all i1  and i2 in n, (disjoint i1 i2) was known to be either true or false. This takes far
         too long to do manually  across all definitional predicates, especially as the ontology fans out
         further down the hierarchy. Some  automated methods have been identified to speed this
         process, but it is not a problem that will be solved any  time soon.

        This attempt at completeness was motivated, in part, by the belief that the OpenCyc ontology
        might be used, in its entirety, as a basis for a Semantic Web ontology. We now believe that
        the OpenCyc ontology will more likely be treated as a library from which a subset of terms,
        perhaps a large one, will be drawn upon for  various Semantic-Web-like uses. For that usage,
        defintional completeness is not necessary, and we are not attempting it. As a result, we're
        including all of the definitional assertions for all of the terms that  happen to appear in
        ResearchCyc (see, the no cost (but not open source) version of the Cyc KB
        aimed at the academic and commercial research community.

        We look forward to help from the OpenCyc community in addressing the incompleteness issue.

      2. Since OpenCyc is a mostly unfunded effort, we have determined that we must limit our
          ambitions with respect  to new product features. In short, we can't be innovators here
          (but you, of course, can be innovative in how you use OpenCyc!). Instead, we need to
          include whatever we can from features that happen to be developed for  Full Cyc or for
          ResearchCyc. This will result in changes to the release roadmap.