OpenCyc and mKR

  • I have translated an existing DAML representation of the CyC Upper Ontology
    into mKR (see\).  The mKR
    version is a little smaller (10%) and a lot easier to read.  This ontology
    can be accessed with myKnowledgeExplorer using the command "ke -cyc".
    mKR is clearly more "user-friendly" than any of the existing XML-based
    languages such as DAML and OWL. mKR also has much greater "power".
    You can do anything in mKR than you can do in CycL.

    I propose that mKR be used as an import/export language,
    and a "command-line" interface for OpenCyc.  I personally
    plan to use mKR/mKE that way, and I invite anyone/everyone
    else to join me.

    • David Whitten
      David Whitten

      I'm sure mKR does have advantages over DAML and OWL.
      What advantage does mKR have that KE Text doesn't have?
      They both seem to be an attempt to have a more readable syntax.