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Does cyc contain any information about verb?

  • Justin Kang
    Justin Kang

    Hi there,

    I am planning to classified some sort of action operators.For example, if there's operator "bring", it has to have parameter
    object and destination. Then I probably define it as "give(object, destination)" like this.

    As I know, the OpenCyc has some concept of verb, but I could find just hierarchical relations between concept and concept, but
    I need parameters for each different verbs. So I need some standard format which defines these parameters for verb operators, and I wonder if the ConceptNet could be the solution to solve my problem.

    I'm looking for hearing from youguys.




  • David Baxter
    David Baxter

    Hi Justin,

    There is a limited amount of this type of information in OpenCyc. What you are calling "verbs" OpenCyc generally classifies as types of #$Event. The predicate #$requiredActorSlots relates a type of event to the roles that required participants in an event of that type play. For instance, #$GivingSomething has the #$requiredActorSlots values #$giver, #$givee and #$objectGiven.

    The transitive nature of the OpenCyc ontology gives you even more options. For instance, the #$genlPreds hierarchy will tell you that a #$giver is a kind of performer and #$fromPossessor. Also, since #$GivingSomething is a type of #$Event-Localized, it also has an #$eventOccursAt value.

    Good luck.

    David Baxter