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Aries Ang
  • Aries Ang
    Aries Ang

    Currently Im doing a research implementation utilizing OpenCyc as knowledge base for my AI application. Im need to create new Mts and constants in OpenCyc, but facing some problems asserting knowledge into it:

    There is not any "Create Term" in my KB Browser Tool as described in the OE handbook.
    It would be very tedious & inefficient if create constants & making assertions separately

    The "Lexify" only display a blank page when clicked.
    As my project is dealing with NLP, this Lexify tool would be very much helpful. Any other alternative that I can use if this really not working?

    Im currently using version 0.7.0b, is it not being implemented in this version or sumorething wrong with my version?

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advanced.

    • If you're doing research and if you're working with NLP, you should apply for a ResearchCyc license. OpenCyc does not contain NL. Also, ResearchCyc is about 3 times larger (in # of assertions) than OpenCyc 0.9 (released today), which is almost 5 times larger than OpenCyc 0.7. Doing the math, that means ResearchCyc is 15 times the size of the KB you're working with today.

      Go to to apply.