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HL formula in SubL?

zhao zhe
  • zhao zhe
    zhao zhe

    how to write HL formula in SubL ?
    For example, how to write this assertion '(#$isa #$BillClinton #$MaleHuman) with HL formula in SubL ?

  • From SubL API:
    function FI-ASSERT : (formula mt &optional strength direction)
    Assert the FORMULA in the specified MT. STRENGTH is :default or :monotonic. DIRECTION is :forward or :backward. GAF assertion direction defaults to :forward, and rule assertion direction defaults to :backward. Return T if there was no error. Single value returned satisfies BOOLEANP.

    BTW the Navicyc (https://sourceforge.net/projects/opencyc/forums/forum/85727/topic/3921218) project has a build in support for SubL documentation.